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    Nya Kaffebaren - Milstenen

    Hej Hej.

    Firstly - i want to apologise for posting in english - i am still learning swedish and dont wont to embarrass myself. My name is Steve and im a barista from Australia. Ive just started working at a newly opened kaffebar on Adelgatan in central Malmö called Milstenen.

    We have a beautiful La Marzocco machine and currently stock Johan och nystrom's FTO coffee, although we are talking to a number of local roasteries about featuring weekly blends.

    I hope this is not classed as spam, but i would really love if anyone wants to come in and try our coffee. We also make specialty coffee drinks - this month we have a chocolate espuma macchiato (all eko and home made).

    We are located next to hotel mayfair on adelgatan 4, just near stortorget. Hopefully ill see some of you soon!!
    facebook/milstenenkaffebar if anyone is interested.


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    mar 2011

    Härligt med ett nytt kaffe ställe i Malmö.
    Kommer absolut testa er nästa gång jag är i Malmö.

    Jag skriver illa på engelska så du får öva läsa svenska istället.

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    Hoppas ni tar in någon robustablandning också.
    Praeterea censeo coffeam robustam laudandam esse.

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    Great stuff! Please let us know when you have your own blend ready to go... :-)

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    Hej hej,

    Nu vi har vår ny espressoblandning! We are currently stocking a great Organic & Fair Trade certified coffee blend from the guys at Love Coffee. The Coffee is a blend of beans from Nicuaragua and El Savador and is a sweet espresso with a great mouth feel. Liv from the Sydsvenskan blog came in and tasted our espresso and wrote about it on her kaffelivs blog if you want some less biased opinion...

    And all our coffee is 100% Arabica, roasted with skill, prepared with love ;p

    It'd be great to meet some of you, so please feel free to come in and have a chat.

    Thanks for the support.

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    Great news! I hope I will get the time to bring my girlfriend and stop by this weekend. Really nice with yet another quality coffee bar in Malmö. We're kind of spoiled having quite a few really good coffee bars and a couple of roasters in town, as you probably already know.

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    Just a heads up: unfortunately we are only open mån-fre 08:00-16:00.


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    aug 2011
    Thanks Steve for a great cup of cortado and my daughter liked the bread.

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