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    My apologies for not writing to you in Swedish, I could use google translate however, I don't think that will improve my message much =D

    As this is a forum about cold brew coffee, I wanted to let you know that Batavia Dutch Coffee is looking to export it's cold drip coffee to Sweden. Batavia Dutch Coffee is a unique single origin coffee brewed using the authentic Cold Drip method. Cold Drip, which is originally known as Dutch Coffee in Northeast Asia, produces a black ice coffee similar to cold brew but with more depth, a wider range of flavours and a much cleaner aftertaste. The method was originally invented by Dutch traders in the 17th century when a ban on open fire on the wooden sailing ships of the time prevented them from brewing warm coffee. The resulting coffee was much less acidic or bitter yet was more flavourful than traditional brewed coffee and enjoys continuous popularity in Northeast Asia ever since.

    We offer a line of three black Dutch Coffees which can be served straight from the bottle (100 ml or 350 ml) and contains virtually zero calories, sugar or any additives.

    We are looking for distributors of our cold drip Dutch coffee in Sweden. So if you are a food and beverage specialist/ high quality importer with network in specialty shops and convenience stores or have distribution capability (or network in distributors) please do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to introduce our coffee in Sweden!

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    Har nyligen börjat kallbrygga med droppmetoden. Har ni några förslag på goda och roliga möjligheter. Använder en time more cold-drip från baristashopen. Inte lyxigaste varianten på långa vägar men fungerar att experimentera med.

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    sep 2006
    Är intresserad av den också. Hur blir resultatet?

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    Citat Ursprungligen postat av coffeeman Visa inlägg
    Är intresserad av den också. Hur blir resultatet?
    Resultatet blir bra men kräver justering efter halva bryggningen.

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    apr 2017
    1 479 - adapter och droppreglage för aeropress, ser inte så dumt ut

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    Citat Ursprungligen postat av Jonken Visa inlägg - adapter och droppreglage för aeropress, ser inte så dumt ut
    Ser ut som en praktisk liten sak att lägga till sin aeropress för att kunna kallbrygga även på resande fot. Har någon testat den?

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